Kurt and Katie have been close cousins since, well, as long as they can remember! With it comes a core family belief of support, a great place to be and a shared vision throughout the company that customer experience is going to be THE BEST! You will find creativity at our hearts: we are a vibrant, young company who love the ideas and development that grows through the energy of others. We work hard to develop ourselves and all share a vision that Creation Express is a special company with huge potential, as long as we continue to promote the very best in originality, design, quality, service and value for money. Creation Express aims to make personalised giftware available to everybody.

The original vision was for our children to be able to create the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and we believe that we can create the most special and unique range of giftware available in the world – so that everybody can share in and enjoy the joy of giving.

Sometimes ideas strike you in the strangest
places. You just need to dream a little,
because, well, you never know where your
dream may take you.


Believe in yourself, believe in your idea and
find a way to express this to others.
Don’t take setbacks personally, just find
a way to constantly improve.


It takes time, effort, persistence and a desire
to succeed. There will be good times and
tough times, you need to enjoy the good and
learn from the bad.


As firm believers in the Joy of Giving, we pledge to proudly support environmental issues and ensure that our company, staff and franchise partners are aware of environmental and ethical issues surrounding the business.

Proudly support charities through fundraising events that we would love our members to join us in.

Secure Payment Methods

Secure Payment Methods

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