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Since our inception in 2014, we have sold over 300 franchises around the UK and Ireland and we continue to support and build this network. Following this rapid growth, we launched a standalone retail concept in high footfall shopping centres which were an instant success for the company. We now make this available to enthusiastic, creative people, who would love to run their own business. With our easy to use sophisticated software and a quick manufacturing process, hundreds of cards and gifts can be personalised and produced in 1-5 minutes.
The process is amazing every time you see it! Gifts that are high quality that not only last, but that become treasured possessions.

Creation Express Personalised Cards and Gifts, Made in Minutes is a Low Cost Franchise.

10 Reasons to buy a Creation Express Franchise

  1. Personalised gifting is an exciting growth industry - worth £1 billion in the UK alone
  2. People have more photos than ever - and they want to use them!
  3. It is a proven model
  4. It is one of the most profitable franchises on the market
  5. The system and process is extremely easy
  6. You get great support form lovely people
  7. Low upfront cost and fantastic returns
  8. Seasonal peaks all year round
  9. Unique products not available elsewhere
  10. Fantastic support and content for social media and marketing

Be your own boss!

Did you know?

Shopping Malls are looking more and more to commercialise their space with good looking brands.
Space is sold on flexible licences and is very low cost, usually exempt from business rates too.
We successfully retail though kiosks too!
They’re fun and profitable.
Would you like to meet us there to discuss opportunities?
Low cost, flexible licences benefit from our established relationships with shopping centres.
We are so confident in the model that we even retail it ourselves.
What’s included in the Creation Express Stand Alone Franchise?
Our main objective is to help you get established in your chosen site as quickly and effectively as possible.

As a Creation Express Retailer, you will receive:

  1. Full assistance in identifying and negotiating a site
  2. Complete kiosk including signs and POS
  3. Security including night sheet
  4. All manufacturing equipment including printers and presses
  5. Quality computer hardware including laptops and customer interface
  6. Full access to our unique Creation Express Software
  7. Initial one week full training plus ongoing support
  8. Start up marketing package
  9. Immediate recognition and demand
  10. Franchise operation manual
  11. 3 year minimum agreement with a right to renew thereafter
  12. Ongoing marketing and social media support
  13. Initial stock - down to a pair of scissors!
  14. Same day Click n Collect service

“Consumers are seeking an interactive shopping experience and expect retailers to deliver it consistently across all channels” Deloitte customer review.
In Store - Existing Retail Franchise Model

What the Creation Express Franchise will give you:

  1. Redefine your business through personalisation
  2. Get that all important unique selling point
  3. Offer an unrivalled customer service
  4. Join a wonderful community of like-minded retailers
  5. Low investment, giant returns
  6. Maximise every season
  7. Low stock holding
  8. Nothing left after a season
  9. Best selling designs always in stock
  10. Cash flow positive

Best margins in your business - from your Best Seller!

Creation Express Personalised Cards and Gifts, Made in Minutes is a Low Cost Franchise

It is a very low cost start up that is an investment in machinery, computer hardware and fixtures and fittings. Both models are available for under £10,000.
Specific cost and requirements will be discussed upon application, once we better understand your requirements.

The next step in you becoming a Creation Express Franchise begins with a phone call to a retail development manager on 0161 762 9309.
Subject to mutual agreement, we will complete an application form and look to meet you on an established site, or at the company head office to present the kiosk, to explain the system in further detail, to ask any questions and to learn a little more about you.

At this meeting, you will also be provided with confidential franchise information including existing retailer information and projected profit and loss accounts to show you what you can expect.
I you have a list of locations in mind, please keep them to you and do act fast because demand is high and territories do get acquired very quickly.

How quickly can I get started with my Creation Express franchise?
Every franchise launch is unique and individual; we will work with you to get you up and running as quickly as possible. All of our initial training is done on a one to one basis and this enables you to get your Creation Express business up and running as quickly as possible.

How much can I earn in my Creation Express franchise?
The Creation Express business model is a low cost overhead, high profit business, as soon as we have met, you will be provided with a confidential Franchise Information Memorandum, amongst many other important pieces of information, the FIM comprises of a detailed three-year franchise business plan that provides full revenue, expenditure and profit and loss information.

Can I take trade professional references on the company?
Of course! We would expect nothing less: Creation Express has highly experienced management team. The FIM provided at our first meeting contains much of our reference material, but we are happy to provide whatever other information that you require in order that you can make an informed decision.

Can I resell my franchise in the future?
Yes, you can (on the terms set out in our Franchise Agreement including our approval of the purchaser as a new Franchisee). This is generally why most of us start a business in the first place. Should you decide at some point to retire or move on our franchise agreement is for an initial period of five years, you therefore have an asset that is realisable at a premium price.

How can I finance my franchise?
We have built some excellent relationships with major lenders who will support potential franchises with their initial franchises fee subject to their normal lending criteria. We are more than happy to put you in touch with our broker who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Creation Express is particularly appealing to female entrepreneurs who want to achieve the ultimate work life balance. The British Franchise Association recognise the possibilities of franchise ownership for women.

The fact that a record number of franchises are currently reporting profitability makes franchising an attractive proposition to male and female entrepreneurs alike.

Creation Express is the perfect opportunity for Women in Franchising.

Franchises for women, UK Franchises opportunities. Discover more with a creation Express Franchise and be your own Boss, start a new career; we have plenty of business opportunities all over the UK.


The thought of entering the world of franchise ownership may be daunting, but in truth it’s a great way to start a business with an established reputation and brand. So, what is a franchisee? Simply put, the person who permits the franchise license is called a franchisor. The person who gets the license to run the business is called the franchisee.

The Creation Express franchise agreement means that the franchisee gets given all the parts of the successful franchised business needed to succeed. This includes everything from branding, products, supplies, designs and even marketing and advertising support. The support the franchisor provides runs for the length of the franchise agreement which is often the factor that makes a franchise business attractive to entrepreneurs.

The franchisee agrees to pay the franchisor for the benefit of the support and advice provided. This is usually an upfront fee plus regular payments as the business develops. Some franchise agreements state that the franchisee must pay more if the business gets more successful, but often a regular flat fee is paid.

Franchisee or Entrepreneur – Be your Own Boss?

If you’re looking to start your own business, then why should you consider becoming a franchisee? Firstly, unlike starting your own business from scratch, franchises provide a level of security. Expertise and experience in running your own business is not always necessary thanks to the franchisors support. The franchise organisation model offers the franchisee the ability to grow under a recognised brand and share in the benefits of a larger group of business owners. All of this, along with independently owning and managing a business, provides responsibility and intellectual stimulation for the franchisee.

As an entrepreneur there are so many advantages to starting a business by joining a franchise. The franchisor provides training programmes that teach franchisees how to run the business and continue to advice once the business is up and running. All the questions and concerns that need to be addressed as a start-up business can be answered by a well-established franchisor. Most importantly, the franchisor can help estimate how much money is needed to get the business started and how much working capital is necessary to keep it going. Not being able to forecast the amount of money needed is one of the difficulties of starting a new business.

What does a franchisee do?

So, what is a franchisee’s role? There are three main responsibilities that a franchisee has in order to succeed together with the franchisor:

  1. Stick to the proven franchise’s business model. Not only is having a framework in place one of the main advantages of a franchise business, but is absolutely crucial for the relationship and business to prosper.
  2. Protect the brand’s image. As a franchisee, you’ll play a role in protecting and upholding the brand’s image. This usually means complying with the franchise’s policies, and getting the OK from the franchisor when rolling out marketing campaigns. This ensures that stronger brand unity is built which helps the franchise business as a whole.
  3. Grow the business. At the end of the day, your franchise business is your business. You are responsible for its success and growth, with the support of the franchisor.
  4. Creation Express is the perfect franchise business for Creative Women.

If you would like more information please call 0161 762 9309 or email us at:

Secure Payment Methods

Secure Payment Methods

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